Baldare Bundle: 3 in 1!

Baldare Bundle: 3 in 1!

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Who It's For:

Baldies, all of types, who struggle with a dry, flaky, and damaged scalp! 

What It Is:

A bundle package including the Hydration Scalp Mask, S.O.S. Revitalizing Serum, and Coconut Vanilla Exfoliator!

What It Does:

Hydrate, repair, and moisturize the scalp for a happy scalp!

Recommended Use: 

(Usage varies based on scalp needs) 

We're proud to offer our Baldies clean, high-quality, and high performing products, and have always made that our priority. With our Baldies always in mind, we're constantly looking for feedback and finding ways to improve our existing formulas to deliver better results and experiences to our Baldie community. This means that our ingredient lists may vary for a period of time as we make a transition. For the most accurate ingredient list, please refer to the one printed on the package.